May the ‘Forest’ Be With You.

As the first ever London borough of Culture for 2019, Waltham Forest has seen an upturn in creative events, and this has been none more prevalent than in the past few months for filming. The Waltham Forest Film Office, managed by The Film Office has facilitated a large variety of shoots across the borough; here are just some of our specially selected highlights that we have accommodated over the past month…


The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a voluntary personal and social development programme for 15–17 year olds in England and Northern Ireland. The scheme takes place in the spring, summer or autumn coinciding with school holidays. Groups of teenagers usually undertake a residential visit, often to an activity centre for an outdoor education-style course in the countryside involving both physical and team building activities. After this, participants then undertake a residential phase, gaining a taste of independent living and learning a variety of skills for their future. In the third phase, participants deliver a “social action” project in their local community, often to raise awareness of or fundraise for a particular cause.

When the production got in contact to facilitate filming for their next commercial, we were more than happy to accommodate this large shoot at Waltham Forest’s striking Art Deco Assembly Hall. This stunning 1940s Grade II Listed building, housed within the elegant grounds of the borough’s Town Hall Complex is an ideal space for filming and events. Built during WWII and known for its magical acoustics and striking gold doors, the hall has been used for many famous recordings and concerts. The stunning and versatile venue, overlooks the Town Hall’s pretty fountain. The production filmed various scenes including a small protest scene outside the front of the building and a set build inside the main hall itself.

Check out the NCS commercial below:

TFL: What Matters

As part of TFL’s campaign to get people away from using cars in the city and onto more public transport they created a commercial entitled “What Matters” highlighting the varied uses that TFL’s variety of transportation offers to Londoners getting around the city. The production shot across various locations around the city, but for their scene of a mother and daughter riding their bike, they came to Waltham’s own picturesque street: Orford Road. With a variety of pubs, restaurants, and friendly locals it is one of East London’s nicest streets. Lying in the heart of Walthamstow Village and containing a pedestrianised area and multitude of colourful independent shops, the surrounding streets contain some fabulous Elizabethan architecture, including the Ancient House, a well presented 15th Century timber framed building, nestled into the surrounds at the Northern end of Orford Road.

Olwyn Hinds, the Film Officer who worked across both jobs commented “Waltham Forest features an array of fantastic locations and is becoming a popular borough for a variety of productions. Large productions such as the TFL job require a multitude of facets to manage, including a full consultation with all businesses in the filming area, and liaising with TFL as Orford Road fell on a bus route. The NCS shoot required a variety of set-ups and builds in this working council building so communication between relevant parties was paramount in achieving a successful smooth shoot. It was fantastic to see all the hard work come to fruition on the day and see the borough being shone in a particularly bright light!”

Check out the TFL commercial below:

We can’t wait to see what shoots will come the boroughs way as we move towards the end of the year!

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